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Sunday, September 28, 2003

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Crossing America

Somewhere on Route 90, 7:41 PM MST, September 27 - We spoke with our Australian vagabond Nick Hunt on his mobile telephone as he was driving on Route 90, America's longest cross country route. Route 90 spans 3085.27 miles from Seattle, Washington to Boston, Massachusetts. When we asked Nick to pinpoint his location, all he could say was "somewhere on Route 90 heading East, hopefully".

So far Nick has logged 4405 miles on his American adventure.

As we were saying good-bye to Nick, we heard sirens in the background. He hung up.

A half hour later Nick called us back. He had been stopped for using a mobile phone while driving on the Interstate. When he spoke Australian to the Highway Patrolmen, they gave up trying to understand him and let him go with a warning.

If you would like Nick's number to check his progress, email The Daily Screw.

Arriving Before Leaving

New York, New York - Alf Erickson reports on his movements to Virginia:

"Watcharee and I arrived in New York an hour before we left London. Though British Airway's old mare (the Concorde) is going to be put out to pasture next month it can still beat the sun in a race across the sky. We are now within honking distance of Virginia .... but, unfortunately, we have to fly further south before we can drive north. Amma, Gift and Ohmy can't wait to share the big bed in our rental road camper .... and they would be so disappointed if we put them on a Lear for the trip to Virginia."

Letter to the Editor


I found yesterday's letter to the editor from Josef L'Africain rather intriguing. Who could have imagined a corkscrew club forming based on just one corkscrew. I'm very eager to join the Two Headed-Two Tongued Viking-Ship Corkscrew Club. My ship has recently returned from a Caribbean cruise ("Nov. 2-17 1957") and is completely two tongue intact.

We're on our way East for the Virginia corkscrew meets. It would seem an a grand opportunity for the 2H2TVSCC to get together and perhaps solicit new members.

Michael Sharp, California

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