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Sunday, June 20, 2004

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Just got back from Brimfield and I found a few interesting corkscrews. One of the pieces I found appears to be an unknown German patented tool kit? I've attached several photos of it; it's a full size corkscrew (with two-part solid handle) with five other tools that fit neatly into a felt lined leather case. It's marked, I believe with the makers name (or abbreviation of something) OHEBA, D.R.G.M. Ron MacLean said he hasn't seen it before and it doesn't show up in any of the books on German patents. Ron suggested it might be worth putting it out on your website to see if anyone has more information on it.

Kenn Cameron, Massachusetts


We don't know what the patent is. Perhaps one of our readers can help.

We have one like it in a leather pouch. Ours is marked OEHBA but does not have the D.R.G.M. mark on it.


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