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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Number 567

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The Australian Whisky Rebellion

Last week we focused on the New Zealand advertising campaign which proclaimed "No Corkscrew Required." At this time a similar advertising campaign was under way in Australia. The notices appeared in issues of the Argus, Melbourne, Australia.

December 9, 1927

July 11, 1928

February 15, 1929

February 21, 1929

April 13, 1929

May 25, 1929

July 1, 1929

July 29, 1929

August 5, 1929

December 27, 1929

The British Whisky Rebellion

1927 advertisement from The Graphic a British weekly newspaper
(submitted by Ron MacLean)

The Canadian Whisky Rebellion

Canada also had a "No Corkscrew Required" campaign in the 1920s. These advertisement appeared in the Winnipeg Free Press.

June 11, 1925

Nov. - Dec. 1927

December 1928

December 20, 1928

June 14, 1929

Gilbey's Gin also joined the "No Corkscrew Required" campaign with this advertisement which appeared in several 1928 issues of the Winnipeg Free Press.

The 1920s "No Corkscrew Required" campaigns were really nothing new. In this advertisement from the June 20, 1898 Winnipeg Free Press Drewry promotes his beer with a "patent stopper".

Meanwhile in the United States

While all of this advertising for Whiskys with the new stopper that didn't require a corkscrew was going on in New Zealand, Australia and elsewhere, the United States was in the middle of "The Great Experiment" - Prohibition. There was no public push for stoppered whisky bottles that didn't need a corkscrew. We did find, however, a notice that included the "Bury the Corkscrew" slogan in the August 23, 1923 issue of the Coschocton Ohio Times. Alas, it was printing news from London:

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