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Sunday, December 14, 2003

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Christmas Shopping on the Internet

Wirtz, Virginia - Yesterday under "Christmas Shopping in Texas" we included a Neiman-Marcus Santa Claus corkscrew. A number of The Daily Screw readers asked why we don't publish a special issue of corkscrews currently available. Our research team immediately went to work on the Internet. They came up with hundreds. They decided to just have a look at the unusual pieces that are not sold by a number of online retailers. Please note that links are live at the time of this publication.

Artist Dora Baker in St. Augustine, Florida offers a dozen hand-crafted sea creature and reptile corkscrews including alligators, turtles, manatees, lobsters, lizards, and more. They are priced at $15 each.

Nice Toys (England) has corkscrews with duck, toucan, hawk, and Sherlock Holmes handles priced at $39.95 each.

Judith Johnston Design, Palm Beach, Florida, has a series of four composer double levers, a pelican, a toad, and a mouse for $58.00 each.

Trading Stories offers a fish corkscrew for $6.25.

Giftapolis has this one and "Old 'n Still Screwin'" for $6.95

Back in March the "Pewter Devil Wine Cork Screw" was selling for $12.95 or three for $24.90. Now you can buy it from Design Toscano for $7.95 or three for $14.95. The solid pewter corkscrew is described as: "Our 'Maurin Quina' Wine Devil corkscrew is based on the famous poster created by Italian-born Leonetto Cappiello. The father of French art posters, this brilliant piece is his most famous image. This devilish fellow does his part by playing on the French love of wine to help open bottles with his pewter and stainless steel corkscrew."

Archie McPhee has the Vineyards of the Moon Corkscrew for $15.95. Archie's description is "Low gravity, high quality. Once you've sniffed and swirled, swished and spat the very best wines in the world, where does the discerning wine connoisseur turn to excite the taste buds once again? The moon, of course! The proprietors of the vineyards of the moon asked to not be identified, and due to pesky FDA regulations, we can't import the wine. However, we were able to get our hands on the space age, rocket-shaped corkscrew and bottle stopper combo used, until now, exclusively on the moon. Made of high quality metal and plastic, with a black rubber stopper, this elegant and fully functional 5" long corkscrew and bottle stopper comes in our exclusive faux-velveteen lined box."

Tomorrow: Expensive corkscrews for your very dear friends.

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