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Sunday, November 23, 2003

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A Revelation

Regarding yesterday's issue: The gimlet with the lady pulling her boots on could have been to bore holes in leather straps for a good fit, e.g. straps that the sword hung from, etc.

Bob Roger, Staunton, Virginia

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Another Gimlet

The only gimlet that I have run across as of recent looks nothing like a corkscrew:

Vodka Gimlet

Shake with ice and strain into a glass.

Josef L'Africain, Chicago


Wirtz, Virginia - The card below is entitled A Humorist in France: A Miscellaneous Market. Is the flea marketer selling a corkscrew or a gimlet?

Wirtz, Virginia - The Early Victorian Humour postcard below copy is: "Early Victorian Humour"

"How much longer are you agoin to be there, Betty?"

"I can't make no more haste, M'am. There's somethin' got into the what's-o'name and the thing-a-me-bog won't run into the what-ye call it!"

Nope, not a gimlet, she's pulled the tap out of the barrel.

Cork Yanker

Submitted by Ron MacLean, Canada

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