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Thursday, July 3, 2003

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A Revolution

New Haven, Connecticut, July 3, 1906 - Harry W. Noyes has been granted a second patent for his "Universal" corkscrew with the second patent issued today being an improvement upon the first. His earlier Patent was issued June 27, 1905 and assigned number 793,318. Today's U. S. Patent number is 824,807 and, like the first, is entitled "Cork-Extractor."

Here's how the product advertising describes usage:

Extracting Cork - Throw the Plate and worm into its most open position by pressing upon back of plate, turn the worm into the cork until shoulder of plate touches top of bottle, hold plate against neck of bottle and press handle down, the powerful lever action raises cork with ease.

The top of the plate has room for an advertising statement. The producers of Green Whiskey and Olympia Beer have purchased the "Universal" for that purpose.

Letter to the Editor

Woodman's Patent

In regards to the June 29 edition article on Woodman's Patent - The late Bob Nugent was a meticulous corkscrew researcher and there was hardly a corkscrew in his entire collection that was not tagged with his comments. This is what he had to say about the Woodman Patent:

Alf Erickson

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