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Sunday, August 20, 2006

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Corkscrew of the Year

Our first annual corkscrew of the year award goes to Ron MacLean of Canada. He describes his three right hand helix Last Supper corkscrew as:

Sacrilegious and artistically/politically incorrect German triple wire helix corkscrew for the very thirsty fitted to an eleven inch wide handle.

Box illustration depicting the Last Supper with Jesus saying “Herr Ober! Schnell einen Korkenzier für den GROSSEN DURST bitte!”

Box copy:

Dazu eine kleine Getränke - Kunde (extra drei) Sorry Leonardo
Corkscrew for the VERY THIRSTY
Le tire-bouchon pourle (sic) GRAND SOIF
Lange erwartet von allen, die zwitschen zwei Gläsern gern schnell noch ein drittes trinken.
Für Weinkenner mit trockenem Humor. Probiert und ausgewählt für


These corkscrews were disqualified from the Corkscrew of the year competition when it was discovered that they are fakes:

Also Rans

These corkscrews were entered in the Corkscrew of the Year competition and were runners-up.

Custer Motorway Corkscrew Grade

Salmon-Challis National Forest - A not-to-miss destination for reader Bob Cordy is the Custer Motorway in a remote part of Idaho. Bob submitted these photographs:

More Travel with Jean

Reader Jean Grignon writes "I have found this big corkscrew in my trip this July on a restaurant in Malbaie, Quebec on the North coast of the St. Lawrence River. The corkscrew is not for sale by the owner but I tried. "

Editor's Note: For more Travels with Jean, see the May 24, 2006, June 11, 2006, and June 18, 2006 editions.


Readers of The Weekly Screw are currently working on two corkscrew cataloging projects.

The Williamson "Flash" souvenir corkscrew project began with the May 23, 2006 issue. The project has a list in PDF format ( and a pictorial catalog (

The "Nifty" project began with the June 25, 2006 issue. For these corkscrews there is only a list (

The pages of both projects will be updated from time to time and notice will appear at the bottom of each issue of The Weekly Screw. Readers are encouraged to review the list and submit their additions to Don Bull, Editor.

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