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Friday, April 11, 2003

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Barbershop Quartet

Tulsa, Oklahoma, April 11, 1938 - Harmony singing took a major step forward today and this day will be remembered as "Barbershop Day" for many years to come. A few days ago O. C. Cash and Rupert Hall met up in the lobby of the Muehlebach Hotel in Kansas City. They talked about the decline of the Barbershop Quartet in America and vowed to popularize it again. They invited two friends to sing with them at the Tulsa Club roof garden.

Cash, Hall and their two friends met at the Tulsa Club tonight. And twenty-two other men joined them. The Barbershop Quartet club has been formed.

More Harmony

Tulsa, Oklahoma, April 11, 2003 - Sixty-five years ago the first Barbershop Quartet meeting was held at the Tulsa Club. By their third meeting 150 men attended. Their harmonious voices on the rooftop echoed to the streets below where traffic jams formed. O. C. Cash was interviewed by a curious reporter and O. C. made up a story about his "club" being national. The reporter took him seriously and spread the story over the news wire services. It was long before Barbershop clubs were found harmonizing from coast to coast.

Concorde Update

Fort Lauderdale, Florida - The March 25 issue of The Daily Screw honored Barbara Harmer, a hairdresser, who became the first female to pilot the Concorde. We have learned from Alf Erickson that British Airways is retiring the Concorde this year. Alf's Corkscrew - Balloon website is updated daily and frequently covers breaking news beyond that of corkscrews and balloons. For more on the Concorde story, click here.

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