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Friday, February 14, 2003

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Happy Valentine's Day

Arnof Got This on Ice

New York, New York, Feb. 14, 1933 - David B. Arnof received U. S. Patent No. 1,897,991 today for his combination tool invention. He applied for his patent on July 17, 1931.

Arnof claims "The present invention relates to combination tools and more particularly to a combination tool including a pair of tongs of relatively small size, for example, for handing small ice cubes, such as those formed in the ice trays of the so-called automatic refrigerators."


Puzzled? Here are five clues and five scrambled answers (in italics) - can you unscramble them?:

  1. Lifting mechanism: Dull Nerve
  2. A corkscrew is one: Noble Treetop
  3. Fast: Powder Mess
  4. Corkscrew attachment: Barrier Week
  5. American cork remover inventor: Mournful Medic

Yesterday's clues / answers:

  1. Goes on and on: Nameplate Purger = German Perpetual
  2. For the bar: Retailers Copy = Rotary Eclipse
  3. What we love: Cross Wreck = Corkscrews
  4. 1948 Rack: Stroke Mark - Korkmaster
  5. Slip, turn, pull inventor: Mechanic Lovers = Machil Converse (prong puller)

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