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Wednesday, February 26, 2003

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Fit for a King

Birmingham, England, February 26, 1864 - Corkscrews just got a fantastic new look with Charles Hull's Royal Club. His new English patent is a sleek design with single lever action to ease the toughest cork out of a bottle.

Hull's corkscrew is easy to use. You rest the frame on the bottle neck and turning the worm into the cork raises the lever. Pushing down on the lever will exract the cork.

Hull will produce the "Royal Club" in his manufacturing and electro-plating facility in Birmingham.

Witch Hunt

Salem, Massachusetts, February 26, 1692 - The Reverend Samuel Parris, who became Salem's minister in 1689 has called for condemnation of accused witches. The accusations have begun in his very own home.

It all seems to have started with stories told by Tituba, a slave from Barbados. She related stories of voodoo amongst several girls in Salem. Where Parris' will go from here is yet to be seen but there is fear that the witch hunt in Salem will go on for some time and will create a bad name for our fair city.

Pat's Unique Corkscrew

California, USA - Pat Betzhold has a good friend in Cottonwood, Alabama who told an 100 year old whittler about her addiction to corkscrews. Steve looked at a few pictures and said "Well, lemme see what I can do?" He took out his sharp knife, grabbed a piece of wood and starting carving.

Steve, the whittler, is very "old school" using his one certain knife, bent over both elbows resting on his knees. Pat describes here gift as "What a wonderful piece of art he has given me! It is about two inches high, the thickness about 1" by 1". It is a rectangle with all sides cut open , inside of the carved out area is a miniature jug (like the old fashioned whiskey jug with xxx on it) . So the 'cage' and the jug all came from one piece of wood. To this he has added a wire helix. It is a one of a kind, no one else will ever have one exactly like it and it was made by a 100 yr old man! I had made the mistake of tellng him what a wonderful piece of folk art..which was the wrong thing to say! He told me under no certain terms that he was NOT a folk artist (THEY use tools) he was a whittler! Only using his knife!"

Black History Month

Wirtz, Virginia - The Daily Screw has celebrated Black History Month (February) by presenting a number of black related corkscrews and corkscrew pictures. Joe Paradi has submitted these final tributes for the month:

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