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Sunday, April 9, 2006

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Mondavi Institute

Davis, California - The Robert Mondavi Institute for Wine and Food Science (RMI) at the University of California, Davis was established in 2001 with a twenty-five million dollar gift from Robert Mondavi. On June 23, 2005 Robert Mondavi turned a four foot corkscrew with the help of his wife, Margrit Mondavi to break ground for the Institute. Also present at the ceremony were a giant fork and bottle opener.

The $90 million facility housing the university's viticulture, oenology and food science departments is scheduled to open in 2008. The first building to be constructed will be a 129,600-square-foot academic building, which will be built in three wings wrapping around a courtyard that will face westward toward a teaching vineyard and open space.

The Anheuser-Busch Foundation has provided $5 million in matching funds to help construct the institute's brewing-and-food-science laboratory

Corkscrew Fantasies

Santiago, Chile - Two designers have come up with interesting concepts for corkscrews. The froglike corkscrews in the above photo were designed by Florencia Campos. The marching corkscrew design below is from Alvaro Poblete Poulsen. The corkscrews are not production items.

My Favorite Screw

Orlando, Florida - Reader Robert Alfert writes:

What do you think about a story on the favorite screw of collectors? I'm not talking their museum piece de resistance, or the prettiest piece. I'm talking about the one that just simply work the best, as plain as it may be, or as beautiful as it may be. I've recently acquired some very beautiful pieces, and by and large try to use most (but not all) of them. The one I keep coming back to, though, for everyday use, is George Willett's "Surprise". I love it. It's sturdy. It's simple, just keep turning it. It's no-nonsense. It looks like it could last an eternity. I think it is my go-to screw.

Editor: The Surprise is George Willet's 1884 English Registration number 13185. Robert asked me what my "go-to screw" is. I admitted that it is an inexpensive plastic one produced in Germany - the Avanti by Sieger (below). I also owned up to drinking cheap wine.

Do you have a favorite screw? Email particulars to The Weekly Screw for future issues.

Token Go-With

Wirtz, Virginia - Pictured above is a Double Lever owl shaped corkscrew fully marked MAGIC LEVER CORK DRAWER PAT APP FOR with advertising for Shaw Brothers, 81 Bold St., Liverpool (U.K.). Sometimes days or even weeks go by for collectors without finding a corkscrew. In order to slake the corkscrew thirst, collectors might consider finding "go-withs" for corkscrews in their collection.

Below is a token go-with for the Magic Lever from Shaw Brothers, Liverpool. The token adds the copy "Ironmongers, Cutlers" and shows the address as 67 Lord Street.

Ashtray Go-With

Sydney, Australia - A ceramic ashtray reminiscent of the Zig Zag corkscrew was recently found by John Cunnington, Proprietor of The Art of Wine & Food established at 80 Queen Street, Woollahra in 1990.

License to Corkscrew

Take a picture of your corkscrew related license plate and emal it to The Weekly Screw.

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