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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Number 581

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More Columbus

After seeing the forty-seven different Columbus corkscrew in the October 18 issue, reader Jens Arnbjerg reminded us of the example with the ornate frame and sent the above photo.

Reader Adriaan Bean wrote "Don’t forget the first Columbus, German registered design number 7609 by Eduard Becker of Solingen on Aug. 29, 1892." In Mechanical corkscrews Ferd Peters noted that this is "a rare example with a split frame, manufactured only for a short period between Aug. 29, 1892 and March 7, 1893 until the patent had been granted etc."

Gérard Bidault

The 2009 Bernard Watney awards were presented on August 23, 2009 in London. Author Gérard Bidault was not able to attend the session and Maurice Dancer accepted the award on his behalf. Maurice then presented the medal at the French corkscrew collectors club meeting on October 17 in Rouen. In the photo from left to right: Anne-Lise Køhler (2009 award recipient), Gérard Bidault, Guy Olive (2009 award recipient), and Maurice Dancer, Chief Correspondent of the ICCA.

Gérard Bidault received the award for his books Les Fabriques Français de Tire-Bouchon 1820 - 1970, Les Brevets de Tire-Bouchons Français 1847-1968, and Les Tire-Bouchons Français

Wine Bags

Reader Jane Wlochowski found a notice about these wine bags in the November 2009 issue of Better Homes and Gardens magazine. The online mailorder company Wisteria promotes them with "Each one of my father’s antique corkscrews told a different story of past celebrations, amazing wines, and exquisite aromas, and he appreciated their history as well as their design. We decided to share his affections for these mechanisms and display their uniqueness on these jute wine bags, perfect for gift-giving and conversation-making." They offer the set of four bags for $16.

For another wine bag see the October 29, 2006 issue.

ICCA Auction

ICCAuctions© latest round of corkscrew sales has begun. Part 4a of the auction closes on Sunday November 8 and Part 4b ends on Sunday, November 15. Over 500 lots of quality corkscrews have been listed from a number of collectors and dealers throughout the world.

Offerings of The Weekly Screw editor can be preview by clicking here.

In the News - Vermont

Jason used a corkscrew as a weapon in Friday the 13th.

Here's a press release issued by the Vermont State Police on October 19, 2009:

"On the night of 10/18/09 Troopers from the Vermont State Police in Bradford responded to the Hammouri residence on Parker Road in Vershire for family fight. Investigation found that Nazeih Hammouri had stabbed his son, Jeffrey Hammouri, in the stomach with a cork screw over an argument regarding a clogged toilet. Nazeih had been drinking at the time of this incident. Nazeih was subsequently arrested for 1st degree aggravated domestic assault and lodged at the NERCF in St. Johnsbury for lack of $15,000.00. Nazeih is scheduled to appear in The Orange County Court House on 10/19/09 @ 1230 hours to face this charge."

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