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Saturday, May 17, 2003

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Norwegian Independence

Norway - Today we celebrate with our many Norwegian readers Norway's day of Independence. It was on this May 17, 1814 that Norway's constitution was signed by the national assembly at Eidsvoll, making Norway a free and independent nation. It had been under Danish rule for the previous 400 years. Norway then joined with Sweden in a loose union that would survive until 1905.

The 17th of May celebrations began in 1869 when someone suggested that the people gather to commemorate the 1814 event by forming a procession though the streets. Today one can find processions of children with their banners, flags and bands. The parade passes the palace in Oslo where the royal family waves to the crowds. Thousands of people dress in national costumes for the annual event.

In 1905, Norway broke the bond with Sweden and became independent. A Danish prince was invited to become king and he became know as King Haakon VII.


Oslo, Norway - This somewhat worn knife says "Jubilaeum sutstilling 1914" on the obverse and "Akershus" on the reverse. The blade is marked TRIO. The knife is celebrating 100 years of Independence from Denmark. Akershus is the name of the "fylke" (county) in which Oslo is located. It is also the name of an old castle in Oslo which is often used for various public events. The large grounds around the castle no doubt hosted part of the 1914 celebration.

Norwegian Corkscrew Patent

Oslo, Norway - In 1922 Norwegian Patent Number 38,579 was secured by Paul Sharsten. In this corkscrew design, the ring in the middle of the sheath fits the inside of the top of the cap lifter to serve as the handle. Handles can be found in several interesting designs. Plain examples can be found with the patent number marked whereas the more decorative versions usually have only silver marks.


New London, Connecticut, May 17 , 1910 - Harry A. Chippendale has been granted U. S. Patent Number 958,092 for his "Cigar-Cutter Forming Part of a Combination-Tool."

The patent has been assigned to James Sweeney of New London and is already produced under the product name "Bestever."

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