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Sunday, February 25, 2007

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China - The Year of the Pig

February 18 was the first day of the Chinese new year - The Year of the Pig.

Our celebration is in two sections. See link at bottom for Section Two.

Porkscrew submitted by Kenn Cameron

Painted bejeweled pig submitted by Jacques Corbel

Leather eared pig submitted by Steve Rasch

Hungarian pig

Modern pig submitted by Ron MacLean

Pig marked Baller Austria submitted by Ron MacLean

Pig with cork stopper

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Follow-up Letter to the Editor

"Nice pig article. My officemate is Chinese and she tells me that this is a special year in the Chinese calendar. It is called the Year of the Golden Fire Pig, it comes once every 600 years and it is considered a very lucky year to be born so Chinese hospitals are expecting more newborns this year.

Of course, all helixophiles are hoping that it is the year of the Blue Pig".

Mark Woodard, Feb. 26, 2007

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