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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Number 525

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Our Boarding House

Our Boarding House was created in 1921 by Gene Ahern for the comics section of newspapers. Ahern produced the cartoon featuring Major Hoople until 1936 (he was still credited as late as 1937. The cartoon was continued by a number of other cartoonists until its ultimate demise in 1981. We located several references to corkscrews in the cartoon.






1944 - note her repeating what she said in 1932

Cavalry Corkscrew

Reader Bob Worrall writes: "I came across you July 8, 2007 issue about the Cavalry Corkscrew. I can recall the exact same items used in my father's garden in the very early 1950s in England. He was using them to support rose bushes. They were probably WW2 surplus. Many years later I can remember seeing them in the WW1 preserved battle fields, I think near the Yipes salient in Belgium. You can just see them in the photo of some old WW2 home defence trenches in England on this website." The website captions the photo with "Two infilled infantry trenches that were part of the coastal defence system can be seen in the eroding cliff face north of the Godwin Battery at Easington photographed on 26-OCT-2006 by C Bacilieri. Barbed wire screw pickets are visible at the bottom of the trench tunnel to the left."

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