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Saturday, February 15, 2003

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Bonnie Bull Hunts Corkscrews

Wirtz, Virginia - While searching the Internet for wallpaper with corkscrews, Bonnie Bull found the unusual corkscrew featured in yesterday's "What's this?" Even after a close examination, one can only ask again "What's this?" Did the wallpaper artist think that it would stand a chance of removing a cork from any of those bottles of wine on the wall?

Bonnie Bull's quest led her to Under the wallpaper link, she searched "wine" and found wallpaper with a "corkscrew."


Yesterday's clues / answers:

  1. Lifting mechanism: Dull Nerve = Lund Lever
  2. A corkscrew is one: Noble Treetop = Bottle Opener
  3. Fast: Powder Mess = Speed Worms
  4. Corkscrew attachment: Barrier Week = Wire Breaker
  5. American cork remover inventor: Mournful Medic = Lucien Mumford

What's this?

The Answer will be seen in tomorrow's Daily Screw.

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