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Tuesday, October 21, 2003

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Bob & Becky Excel

Staunton, Virginia - During the weeklong festivities of the ICCA, the group had a real treat when they visited the home of Bob and Becky Roger. Bob promised:

"See and learn about an absolutely unique collection of items from the Victorian age - implements that were used by your ancestors in domestic and farm life and in the professional crafts. You will see and handle items that you have never seen before - over 1,600 antique tools and implements; 2,200 corkscrews and related items; over 1,000 hatpins, teapots, and cruets; 200 pickle forks; 500 keys; and the list goes on and on. Guaranteed to interest both sexes."

And Bob and Becky delivered. All were in awe! The viewing followed an outstanding lunch buffet in the backyard on a perfect day.

A gallery of the visit:

Bob's Gimlet Tales

Hatpins Galore

"What's that corkscrew?

Museum wonders

Tasting Minzenmayer Wine

Chow time!


Corkscrew Auction

Wirtz, Virginia - We are pleased to announce that in late October we will be auctioning online a collector's collection of approximately 700 corkscrews. If you would like to be notified when the auction begins, please send your name and email address via email.

When the auction is ready, an announcement will appear in The Daily Screw.

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