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Sunday, July 27 , 2008

Number 527

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The Monks of Johannesberg

Two translations from the German as found in the October 12, 1890 issue of the Brooklyn Eagle:

By Henry Faust:

From Fuld the stout abbot came once to look around
If still Johannisberg in Rhine wine did abound.

The grapes just then began in golden hue to blink,
The abbot gave the monks a jovial ev'ning drink.

He said: "The autumn next will surely give us joy,
A bottle, less or more, don't need us to annoy.

"Bring forth the very best! But lo, before the fray,
Take the brevier, my sires a prayer short to say."

"Brevier?" "Yes, the brevier!" They out of sight would shrink.
They search, they search. "Enough. Let us begin to drink.

"The bottles fetch! God knows I am for it to blame.
My corkscrew I forgot - It really is a shame!"

"The corkscrew?" In the pouches all hands went, and there stored
More corkscrews could be found than bottles on the board.

"Bravo, my pious sires! This piece of fun is odd,
I know it quite well the faithful knights of God.

"Bravo, my pious sires! God's blessing without limit
In corkscrews! Say, my sires, why do you look so timid?"

"Cheer up! We have to-day no time for woes and harms.
Till morrow - silence! Sires, fall in and now to arms!.
By W. F. L.

From Fuld the worthy abbot goes to see
If plenty of wine at Johannesberg be.

With luscious grapes the countless vines are bent,
And sure for pious friars their juice is meant.

So says he to the monks: "Next autumn's crop
Will be so large a bottle's but a drop.

"Bring forth the best ye have, but ere we taste
Let our libations by a prayer be graced.

"Forget your breviaries! Why, who would think
Such holy friars could do it? But let's drink.

"Ah! here's the bottle! Well, I do declare,
My corkscrew I've forgot. Who's one to spare?"

"A corkscrew?" Each monk dives into his gown,
And each that handy implement lays down.

"Bravo! bravo!" the worthy abbot cries; I see on heavenly things you set your eyes;

"Ye're holy men and sure God hears your prayers
If corkscrew 'tis ye ask. But have no cares:

"Cheer up! Be not cast down! Now let that pass
Until to-morrows duties. Fill you glass!"

Single Lever Double Lever Corkscrew

A gathering of several fairly common double lever corkscrews

And how about the single lever double lever corkscrew below? This one was offered on eBay this past week and described as "This is a cork screw wine bottle opener ... "Italy" is engraved on it. Think it is brass ... the cork screw part looks silver ... has some tarnish ... could use a good cleaning!"

The double levers rarely sell for more than $25. This single lever double lever brought $29 . So the next time you want to sell a double lever, just remove one of the levers and PRESTO - you have a single lever double lever corkscrew! There were two bidders after this one. When will they ever learn??? At least they didn't take it to the next level.

Note: For another single lever double lever corkscrew plus a frameless double lever and a twin single lever double lever, see Bernie's corkscrews on page 293 of The Ultimate Corkscrew Book.

Automobiles and Corkscrew Follow-up

Reader Bert Giulian submitted this photo with this description: "Art deco, brass, double-sided corkscrew, c. 1930, featuring the trademark of the Austin Motor Company. The oval on top of the wings is a steering wheel. One was sold by Christie's, November, 2000, #111" (it sold for GBP 235).

Reader Ron MacLean hunted through his box of modern plastic corkscrews and came up with these Canadian manufactured "automobile corkscrews":


One advertising OLDSMOBILE and the other CADILLAC

That's the Chevy Way to Go! CHEVY TRUCKS

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