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Monday, July 7, 2003

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The Alf Corkscrew Foundation

Wirtz, Virginia - On July 4, The Alf Corkscrew Foundation was established in order to help save trees. The first corkscrew donated to the foundation came from Mr. Bernard Schwartz from nearby Rocky Mount, Virginia. It is a strap-on corkscrew which is adjustable to fit tree trunks or tree limbs from 2" to 8" diameter. The worm is mounted on the metal strap retainer and the user has the option of turning the cork onto the worm after the assembly is mounted to the tree or turning the worm into the cork before mounting. Once mounted, you pull on the bottle until the cork comes loose.

Schwartz is not able to supply the second corkscrew to the Foundation but writes:


In order to use and not abuse my tree, I affixed a worm to my tree (see pictures below). In order to extract the cork, turn the bottle cork onto the worm until it reaches the stop, give it one more little twist to break the seal between the cork and the bottle, then yank it off. Note that I have placed the worm at a slight angle so I don't spill any of the contents. I cannot send you the whole corkscrew for the handle is rather large and well planted. But I will donate a similar worm to the Foundation. Perhaps, you can stick one in your Palm tree.


A reminder to our readers - Corkscrew donations may be mailed to:

All corkscrew donations will be published and acknowledged in The Daily Screw. We will ask Alf to test every corkscrew and stop destroying our natural resources.

Boob Day

Wirtz, Virginia - Today is Wirtz Boob Day. We are celebrating by opening a bottle of wine with this corkscrew:

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