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Monday, August 18, 2003

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Another Waiter's Friend

Solingen-Merscheid, Germany, August 18, 1955 - Karl Breithof Söhne has received German Patent No. 1,711,980 for a "Hebelkorkzieher." The Waiter's Friend style features a bottle cap lifter. The handle and neckstand are made from stampings. An inner spring keeps the worm in a solid, fixed position when pivoted out for use.

The Father of the Waiter's Friend

Wirtz, Virginia - Here's a little refresher course for those who may have forgotten Carl Friedrich Wienke. On May 26 we ran a story about his 1882 German Patent for a "Waiter's Friend."

On this date in 1882 Wienke obtained a patent fro his corkscrew in the United States (No. 155,314). Wienke's priority claim was "A corkscrew composed of a handle provided with a spring, an arm pivoted at one end thereof, constructed to be seated upon the upper edge of the neck of a bottle, and serving as a fulcrum for said handle, and a corkscrew pivoted to the handle in rear of the fulcrum-arm, both the latter and the corkscrew being adapted to be closed upon said handle."

Three different markings from Wienke corkscrews. The first two are on the handle and the third on the neckstand.

August is Golf Month

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