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Tuesday, February 3, 2004

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Hull's Royal Club

The following article appeared on the BBC News online on Monday, February 2.

Corking antique discovery

A rare 19th century corkscrew valued at more than £1,000 has been discovered by experts during a valuation day in mid Wales.

The Royal Club is said to be the jewel in the crown for corkscrew collectors.

The Royal Club corkscrew, made by Birmingham pewter maker Charles Hull, was identified by Christina Trevanion, head of Halls Fine Art's jewellery department.

The discovery was made during the weekly valuation session at the company's new Welshpool office.

Valued at up to £1,200, the corkscrew belongs to a woman living in the Welshpool whose husband found it while renovating a house more than 20 years ago.

It can be safely said that this is the daddy of all corkscrews

Christina Trevanion, art expert

"The owner knew that the corkscrew was valuable, having seen a similar one sell for £400, but she was surprised and delighted to hear that it could be worth over £1,000," said Ms Trevanion.

Single Lever

"It can be safely said that this is the daddy of all corkscrews."

The vendor, who did not wish to be named, explained that her husband, who has since died, found the corkscrew and that it had been kept in a desk drawer ever since.

Four years ago, another 1864 example sold for £3,290 at auction in London.

One of the most celebrated pewter manufacturers of the 18th century, Charles Hull patented two versions of corkscrew in 1864.

The Royal Club was almost all pewter but it sported a helix that was raised by a single lever working against a brass wheel fixed to the top of the open frame.

The purchase arm below the neck ring has an oval brass tablet with a Royal coat of arms above the wording 'C. Hull Patentee, Birmingham Royal Club Corkscrew.

The corkscrew will be sold at a Halls antique sale at the Welsh Bridge salerooms in Shrewsbury on 3 March.

Story from BBC NEWS
Published: 2004/02/02 17:02:43 GMT

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