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Friday, March 21, 2003

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Canada - Jean Grignon reports from that the snow in Canada is melting and spring has arrived.

What Kind of Knife?

Orange County - Patti Trachta submits the ever popular Swiss Army Knife and...

Swiss Army Knife

French Army Knife

Women's History Month

Ontario, Canada - Joe Paradi celebrates Women's History Month with three prizes from his collection:

Letters to the Editor

French Whine

Paris, France - S.V.P. cancel my subscription to The Daily Screw. I am not amused...Jean LeFebre

Marseilles, France - You seem to forget that we have made some of the world's finest corkscrews. That and our wine are major contributions to the world. Cancel my subscription....Pierre

Wirtz, Virginia - Editor's Note: We have received a dozen requests from French readers (former readers) to stop The Daily Screw. Hey, guys, it is about corkscrews. Have you seen anything in The Daily Screw that did not picture a corkscrew? Did you know that The Daily Screw was voted the number one daily news in Wirtz?

German Whine

Germany - Please kill my address! USA-warmonger!....Klaus P.

Berlin, Germany - We have had too much war. We are not interested in war. We want Korkenzieher....Edelbert

Stuttgart, Germany - I don't want a Daily Screw....Gisella

Wirtz, Virginia - Editor's Note: In case anyone forgot, see below.

What's this?

The Answer will be seen in tomorrow's Daily Screw.

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