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Friday, March 28, 2003

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Washing Up

Keene, New Hampshire, March 28, 1797 - Nathanial Briggs is the talk of quilting bees and rug hooking sessions. Nathan has come up with a mechanical washing machine that will lighten the daily chore load for women. A patent was issued to him today for his invention.

In an advertisement for his product, Nathan reasons that the most difficult housework task is washing and the chore is usually taken up by the "Fair sex." Briggs says "most innovative products favor the male sex and the time to better a housewife's day has come." He expects his machine will one day totally replace hand washing of clothing.

Wirtz, Virginia - Editor's note: The can opener, cap lifter, corkscrew has an unusual addition of a cocktail fork. It is an odd place for an advertisement for a Maytag Washer-Ironer. The Maytag Company was not related to Briggs. Maytag was founded in 1893 as a farm implement manufacturer and did not produce a washing machine until 1911.

Women's History Month

Everywhere - "Here's to us!"

Letter to the Editor

Anchors Aweigh

Quebec, Canada - Yesterday's The Daily Screw reminded me of my Statue of Liberty anchor corkscrew with the motto: Liberte, Égalité, Fraternité. Au Revoir, but not to The Daily Screw!....Jean Grignon

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