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Thursday, April 3, 2003

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Forecast: Showers

Wirtz, Virginia - Chaucer wrote "Whan that Aprille with her shoures soote, the drought of March hath perced to the roote." In Shakespeare's Anthony and Cleopatra, we read "The April's in her eyes. It is love's spring, And these the showers to bring it on." Al Jolson sang about April Showers and in 1670 the English proverb "April showers bring forth May flowers" came on the scene.

And here we are again. It's April. And, yes, showers are in the forecast. It's time to keep the trusty umbrella handy at the ready for that predicted rain or the sudden downpour.


Wirtz, Virginia - The Prohibition movement was spearheaded by folks commonly referred to as "Drys." If you were against it, simply stated you were a Wet. Old Snifter is symbol of the "Dry" movement and in the 1930s he was portrayed carrying his umbrella with his corkscrew stuck somewhere else.

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