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Tuesday, December 30, 2003

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Corkscrew Dump

Wirtz, Virginia - This morning we picked up the Roanoke Times and learned that just 30 minutes from Wirtz corkscrews are being trashed. The above picture appeared boldly on the front page with this report:

Courthouse trash yields metal trove

by Tad Dickens

If you visit the Roanoke City Courthouse, leave your metal possessions at home; otherwise you'll never see them again. Bring your box cutters, your nail clippers, your plastic corkscrews - but you'll have to throw them away if you do. Or hide them. The Roanoke City Courthouse does not allow any such items past its metal detectors. And sheriff's deputies have the trash to prove it.

One mid-December rummage revealed nail files, a small sewing kit with needles and thread, and even a can of Mace in the bullet-shaped trash can by the first-floor metal detector. Courthouse visitors may take their potentially harmful things back to their cars. But that would make many late for court hearings.

"Once it goes in the trash can," it's gone, said Sheriff George McMillan, whose office is responsible for courthouse security. "Some people make that choice to throw them in. You still see them occasionally throw knives in the trash can."

Check out your local secure buildings. Perhaps you'll find a treasure trove of corkscrews.

Preparing to ring in the New Year

Québec, Canada - Reader Jean Grignon says he's ready to ring in the new year with some corkscrew wine accessories. His tea pot cart is loaded with liquor, wine and a corkscrew. And he's got a wine bottle / corkscrew salt and pepper shaker set, some fancy goblets lifted from the Canadian restaurant Corkscrew, a Wyers carafe with folding bow corkscrew, and a couple of mugs with corkscrew crests.

So head for Québec and celebrate with Jean. Don't forget to bring some wine and champagne. He is awaiting your arrival and the arrival of 2004!

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