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Saturday, December 20, 2003

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Bar Mart 1950

Wirtz, Virginia - Our corkscrew shoppers have returned to the Bar Mart catalog library and this time are Christmas shopping in a 1950 catalog.

The wall mounted opener was called the "Zip Opener" and was given this description: "This handy gadget fastens to wall, door or back of bar. Will pull corks, open vacuum sealed jars and bottles and remove caps from soda bottle. Hang towels on the bottom hook. Aluminum 5 inches long. No. C954 - 75¢."

Marked on the back of our "Zip Opener" is "R. S. Products, Phila, Pa., Pat. Pend."

The Shriner Set was offered at $8.95 with this description: "Shriner Set - You don't have to be a shriner to appreciate this novel and practical set - but if you are, it's a 'must' for your bar! The solid maple cutting board converts into a display rack when not in use. There's a corkscrew, serrated knife for lemons and limes, a bottle opener and can opener. The utensils and heads red chrome. The shriner's hats are red metal."

The Shriner Set can also be found on a wood "Z" formed stand. The bottle opener is different and there is an ice pick in place of the knife. Similar sets were produced as bellhops, minstrels, Africans, and gay-nineties bartenders.

The "Champagne Corkscrew Tap" was "Made in England for the connoisseur. Chrome plated with a handy wooden handle and finger pull to make champagne drinking a pleasure. Avoid trouble with corks, use this convenient corkscrew tap. No. E436 - $4.95 each.

When we checked our collection of champagne taps, we were disappointed to learn that we did not have one matching the Bar Mart tap. Ours (above left) did not have the spike that pulls out to allow liquid to be released. Ours has a faucet integrated into the worm assembly. We did find one, however, without the finger pull (left).

They dubbed the Drink Dialer Jigger "The miracle gadget of the year!" - "It's a correctly balanced jigger, corkscrew, bottle opener and drink dialer, all in one handy gadget! Nine popular cocktail recipes are included in the handle - just dial the one you want." All for $2.00!

And here's one we have not seen in person. It is the "Bar Doll." Here's what she's about: "Just what a host needs to keep his spirits high while he tends bar. This all-in-one bar gadget is a muddler, corkscrew, bottle opener - and has a secret all its own. Turn it up - a beautiful nude doll appears - turn it down - she's gone! Creates a sensation! In sparkling chrome. No. E253 - $2.95."

Have any readers seen the Bar Doll?

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