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Special Edition, 2003

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Gallery of New Corkscrews Offered as "Old"

Wirtz, Virginia - A number of readers have asked for a central depository for pictures of new corkscrews which are being offered for sale as "old". Many have been pictured in past "Buyer Beware" articles in The Daily Screw. In the future all will be posted on this page. If you have additions, email pictures.

The first group is offered as "ivory" or "bone" carvings. Some have the mark "Syroco" on the bottom. Note that they all have the same worm.

The second group is offered as "brass" or "bronze". Because the bottle label on the first one in the group says 1892, some are offered as being of that age. Note that they all have the same worm.


The third group is currently manufactured in Italy and the manufacturer offers each corkscrew in a shiny brass or "aged finish.

A current offering from the Toscano catalog:

Thank you to the following for their alertness and contributions to this page: Jean Grignon, Larry Gralla, Peter Borrett, Bob Roger, Josef L'Africain, Jens Arnbjerg, Brian McCann, and anyone we forgot to mention.

Note: All of these corkscrews are nice looking pieces and interesting additions to a corkscrew collection at the right price and with the understanding that they are not old.

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