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Friday, April 18, 2003

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Good Friday

Windhövel and Weyer

Solingen, Germany, April 18, 1911 - Carl Wilhelm Windhövel and Cuno Weyer have received United States Patent Number 989,680 for their "Pocket Corkscrew." The invention is a combination knife and corkscrew. The advantage they offer is that the worm is concealed when pocketed in a cylinder running the length of the handle. For use the worm is pulled out so a hook at the top stops at the center. The worm is then folded perpendicular to the handle. By attaching the worm in this manner, the "T-handle" corkscrew now has more purchase power on the cork.

Letter to the Editor

Wirtz, Virginia - Our Thai Correspondent, Alf Erickson, has received a letter accompanied by photos from the Rev. Timothy Weems. Some articles and letters published in recent issues resulted in some inexplicable terminations of The Daily Screw subscriptions. We feel it is important in the interest of reality journalism to publish Weem's letter but in order to avoid further controversy, we are publishing it as a separate page. We leave it up to you, our readers, whether or not to visit Rev Weems. Click here for Weems.

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