From our Thai Correspondent

Friday, April 18, 2003

Letter to the Editor

Giving Easter Meaning

Via our Thai Correspondent, Alf Erickson, we have received this message:


As the Easter season is so close upon us...yea, just hours away... perhaps you could do something with The Daily Screw that would bring our beloved corkscrew a little bit closer to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Like with Brother Maenad and the Holy Hand there such a thing as the Holy Bottlescrue? Perhaps something which Our Lord had handy when he turned water into wine...or, maybe that little 'twisty' that the mean Roman soldier used when he popped the cork on the bottle of vinegar during the crucifixion know, when he wasn't jabbing Him in the ribs with a sharp stick!

Obsequiously in Christ

Rev. Timothy Weems

Rev. Weems letter was accompanied by the following photographs and notations.

The Rev. Gabriele Amorth with the instruments he uses in an exorcism: a crucifix and a corkscrew.

A corkscrew cross is much feared

Vampire Killing Kit

Several references to the mysterious Rev. Weems were found on Correspondent Erickson's website with this search.