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Friday, June 20, 2003

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Tabard's Patent

Villemoble, France, June 20, 1951 - Henri Albert Tabard applied for a patent on a prong puller corkscrew which incorporates a cap lifter in the handle on May 13, 1949. Today French patent number 991,255 was issued to him. The leaf spring wraps around a screw fixed in the upper middle of the housing. Although it is not shown in the patent drawing, the example aobve has a spare set of prongs fitted in the protective sleeve.

Corkscrew Ticker

The Internet - Here are a few recent corkscrew sales on ebay:

Corkscrew Man in Armor (Syroco Golden Knight - $2599.99

The Detroit Fancy Leg Corkscrew (Puddefoot patent) - $1500.00

Swedish Popeye Corkscrew - $624.77

T.Curley Troy NY Corkscrew 1884 - $621.99

Vintage "The Walker" Bar Mount Corkscrew - $687.00

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