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Sunday, March 9, 2003

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Swede's Tool

New York, New York, March 9, 1909 - Erik Nylin from Sweden is now living in Brooklyn. Erik does a little maintenance around his home but complains that he is constantly looking for the right tool for the job. To make life simpler for himself and others he has invented a tool that can do a whole bunch of tasks. He even got a patent for it - United States Patent No. 914,601 was issued to him today.

Erik's tool serves him as a corkscrew, can opener, pipe wrench, tack lifter, hammer, scissor sharpener, knife sharpener, wire ripper, tongs, nut cracker, box wrenches, file, and screwdriver. Now all he needs is a belt holster to put it in.

Women's History Month

Wirtz, Virginia - We suspect that after Erik Nylin invented his multi-purpose combination tool, he lost it and his wife took over the tasks.

Letters to the Editor

On my last visit to the Newark International antiques fair in the UK last December, I found a stand with a multitude of the Bone? figures that are causing such interest in The Daily Screw. It was the first time I personally had seen them. The vendor was asking £15 each but was honest with his description saying they were a modern production. He was unsure of the origin. I'll be going back to Newark in April I'll pack my camera & take a shot of the stand with the booty!

Peter, England

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