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Saturday, August 9, 2003

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Pulling with Prongs

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, August 9, 1881 - Fred Mann has been granted United States Patent Number 245,301 for his "Cork Extractor." Mann's patent drawing shown is the same as the cork puller produced in Germany and patented by Benjamin Lew in Germany in 1878. Fred says his invention is "applied to the periphery of the cork when extracting it from a bottle, whereby a cork may be withdrawn without being punctured or damaged."

The cork remover has two prongs which store inside a metal case when not in use. One of the prongs folds into the case and the second is inserted in the end to retain the first when stored. To use the cork remover, the second prong is removed and the first prong is pulled down. The second prong is then inserted into the top of the case where it is allowed to slide from side to side. The prongs are then inserted along the sides of the cork by a rocking motion. Once inserted, a slight twist and tug will pull up the cork.

August is National Golf Month

On this date in 1929, this golf bag sheath corkscrew was an award at the Hook and Slice Club.

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