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Wednesday, July 9, 2003

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More Bull

Pamplona, Spain - The Running of the Bulls continued today.

Cork Sizer And?

Fort Lauderdale, Florida - Alf Erickson posed this What's It? on his website:

I do have an idea of what part of this machine does; but, I don't know the rest of it. Part of it is a cork squeezer ... a fairly common device of the last century: a device that squished fresh corks so that they could be more easily jammed into new bottles: think homemade wine. But, what about the orifice? What goes up there and what happens to it once it is there? And what is the purpose of the screw-off lip? The clamp at the bottom is for mounting on a bar on bench.

Alf's readers have yet to come up with an answer and he wonders if any readers of The Daily Screw can solve this mystery?

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