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Sunday April 22, 2007

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Bull Bottle

This bottle has been in the offices of The Weekly Screw for many years. It is full and we fear uncorking and drinking it.

The cork is in the rear end

The age of the bottle is indicated by the mark on the bottom

The wine

We were Googling patents recently and came across a patent for a "Bottle with Bull Form". U. S. Design Patent Number 500,248 was issued December 28, 2004 to Jose Antonio Perez Alcaraz of Spain and assigned to Eurobodegas, S. A.

Here are the drawings from the patent:

We were reminded of this limerick:

There once was a man with no class,
Who never drank wine from a glass.
He'd pull out his bottle
(Which he'd delicately coddle)
And say, "I always drink straight from the ass."

A corkscrew in the city of Limerick Museum is cataloged as "Corkscrew, part of Bar companion set, brass, with enamel arms of Limerick at top."

Confounding the Corkscrew

Australian reader Bill Jarema submitted this photo with the question: "Just wondering if you had a corkscrew in your collection that would fit this new bottle design?"

Plastic Bag Cork Remover

Readers Wayne Meadows and Stephen Hume suggested readers watch this movie.

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