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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Number 579

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Columbus Day

Columbus Corkscrews

October 12 is Columbus Day celebrating the seaman's voyages of discovery. In the November 18, 2007 issue, we reported on a number of corkscrews associated with the 1892 Columbian Exposition in Chicago. At the time we pictured the mini bottle corkscrew shown above right. Reader Jack Bandy submitted the bottle on the left which depicts Columbus standing. These bottles have been found marked on the bottom PAT APLD FOR and with no marks.

Is the figure on the right above Columbus? We have had several emails back and forth with reader Jack Bandy and concluded because of the costume and the headwear (see photos below), this corkscrew may well have been based on the Souvenir figure corkscrew shown on the left.

Also see January 27, 2008.

Free Books on the Internet

These three books are out of print. The complete books are now available online.

The Perfect Extractor research was first presented by the author aboard the Coral Princess on the occasion of the 32nd Annual Meeting of the International Correspondence of Corkscrew Addicts - the Alaska Scrue-Cruise, August 6-13, 2005 during the Corkscrew University Sessions. A limited edition of 100 copies of the book were printed. At the close of the Corkscrew University session each Scrue-Cruise participant received a copy of the book as well as an oversize example of the corkscrew commissioned by host Fred O'Leary. For a PDF file (11mb; 93 pages), request password then click here.

Corkscrew Patents of Japan contains 437 Corkscrew Patent drawings of Japan. Many of the drawings will amaze and delight you. You may now be able to identify some of the unusual corkscrews in your collection. There are a lot of corkscrews we corkscrew collectors have never seen in print and this book will open up a whole new world of corkscrew collecting. The book was published in 2004. For a PDF file (3.6mb; 254 pages), request password then click here.

William Rockwell Clough: Inventor and Manufacturer of over a Billion Corkscrews was published in 2004. You will be fascinated by the life history of Clough woven with over 300 photographs and drawings with detailed descriptions and corkscrew tales. You will find photos and information on all 43 patents issued / related to Clough For a PDF file (7mb; 136 pages), request password then click here.

A Corkscrew Puzzle

Answer to last week's puzzle: "Welcome Showers" from 1. eWen, 2. ovEn, 3. pLan, 4. roCk, 5. cOat, 6. doMe, 7. bEnt, 8. noSe, 9. tHin, 10. prOp, 11. oWls, 12. tiEs, 13 tRap, 14. roSe.

Reader Harold Queen was the first to submit the correct answer.

Seeking Information

Readers - Do you have a corkscrew like these in your collection? Is it marked? Do you know when they were made? Do you know who made them? Do you know where they were made? Please email information and photos to

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