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Monday, November 24, 2003

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Don't Get Screwed

Wirtz, Virginia - We continue to look at the mysteries of gimlets and corkscrews. On the postcard by Tom Browne below, it certainly appears that the kneeling fellow is holding a corkscrew. He is apparently cutting holes in the man's shoe heels in order to attach the ice skates. It would seem that it would have been more correct for Browne to draw a proper gimlet.

The card was mailed March 27, 1905 to Mrs. Philips in Blechingly, Surrey, England by Carrie with the message "Dear Mrs. Philips, I expect you will think I am rather unkind not writing to you but you must forgive me. I will write and tell you all the news in a day or two. Many thanks for the P.card. Hope you are all well ... with fond love, Carrie."

The card is imprinted with "Hoping you may not get screwed this Jolly Season." Such wishes from Carrie to Mrs. Philips! We suspect she would not be getting The Daily Screw.

Letter to the Editor

Lady Gimlet

Regarding Saturday's issue: Here's my explanation for the gimlet close to her boots: This petit lady has very small feet therefore she had to make extra holes in her spur straps in order to make them fit. I think I've cracked that little mystery?

Chris Williams

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