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Thursday, March 6, 2003

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Boston, Massachusetts, March 6, 1888 - Benjamin Greeley has invented a new Stopper-Extractor for which he has been granted U. S. Patent No. 379,010. Greeley's "cork-extractor" has a lengthwise groove in the metal shaft and another in the angled extension. To use his tool, the end is pushed between the cork and the bottle. Greeley says the lengthwise groove forms "a passage for the escape of air and gas from the bottle, whereby the cork is not only more easily pulled, but the pent-up air or gas is given a chance to escape, thus obviating the annoyance now caused by the popping and spurting in opening champagne, cider, and the like."

Once the angled portion reaches the bottom of the cork, the user can give it a slight twist and tug to lift the cork out.

Napoleon Face Corkscrew

Argentina - Here's something that could start a whole new trend at corkscrew get togethers. Forget those finger puppets. Just start grabbing corkscrews, hold them in front of a light and cast a shadow on the wall. Then start using your inkblot test skills to name the object.

A creative seller from Argentina took a peg and worm and held it up to the light to come up with this imaginative description: "Rare mini iron corkscrew "Peg and Worm" design. The peg that is stored in the center of the worm can be removed and inserted into a hole at the top of the worm for use. The handle has been carefully worked, once it´s placed under a light, cast the shadow of NAPOLEON, the chin, the nose, lips, hat.

The corkscrew offering is headlined "Peg and Worm Napoleon Face Mini Corkscrew."

What's next? Corkscrews casting shadows of Hitler, Franco, Mussolini, Saddam?

Women's History Month

Wirtz, Virginia - We've found three flynut type corkscrews from Perille in Paris which have been dressed up as ladies. The Daily Screw salutes these ladies.

Belgium Joins the Parade

England - Norman Wright noted that a Belgian seller is offering a dog "bone carving" on an Internet auction site with a starting bid of EUR 129.00. The dog is listed as "tire bouchon chien en os superbe !!; j'aime vous trouver des objets insolites ou rare !!; parfait etat !; represente un chien superbe !;! les detailles son surprenant,voir photos magnifique et rare !!; a ne pas raté pour votre collection !!!!" bonne chance a tous !!"

The dog has the same worm as those discussed in the February 28 issue.

A Sharp Eye

Los Angeles, California - Mike Sharp found an article in the March 5 edition of the Los Angeles Times headlined "Corkscrew meets metal detector." Columnist David Shaw discusses the problem Sept. 11 created for him when airport security agents began confiscating corkscrews. David always takes his own wine aboard with a trusted corkscrew. But now he says "Since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, I've had several corkscrews confiscated by security before boarding. On our last flight to London, I packed two cheap corkscrews -- one in my carry-on suitcase, one in my food bag -- hoping that at least one would escape discovery."

Shaw, however, has since learned "First, the TSA has posted on its Web site ( a list of items prohibited and permitted on board. That list says corkscrews are permitted, so if you're going to travel, I'd suggest you print out that list and carry it with you to show security and airline personnel, if necessary."

What's this?

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