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Sunday, April 30, 2006

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Die Schützenliesl

Wirtz, Virginia - Here is a fantastic silver boar's head mounted on a boar's tusk. The detail is fabulous. The mount is marked STERLING with the maker's mark (see photo and note*). Second there is a lovely piece of silver mounted on the other end.

Pictured below is a Sterling maiden who graces the top of tusk! It is shown with a postcard that depicts an oil painting. The story of the painting is: In 1881 Friedrich August Kaulbach's painting Die Schützenliesl was exhibited at the Munich Octoberfest. The title was derived from the shooting events (Schutzenfest) held throughout Germany. The girl who posed for it was a 21-year-old waitress named Coletta. Not only did her image subsequently appear on this corkscrew but she was immortalized on advertising signs, statues, and steins. The postcard tells the story that The Blatz Brewing Company exhibited the 8 ft. x 5 1/2 ft. painting at the 1893 Chicago World's Fair. Coletta would continue to appear in Blatz advertising for many years to come

*The mark appears to be that of Metallurgic Art Company, Baltimore, Maryland. The firm was listed in the Baltimore City Directory from 1896 until 1900.

Two knives depicting the same figure (see below). The smaller knife is 3" and is from J. H. Henckels. The 4" knife is by Hugo Köller.

Just for Openers Convention

Nashville, Tennessee - The 28th annual convention of Just for Openers (JFO) was hosted by John Stanley in Nashville April 19-23, 2006. Thirty some members from 18 states and Canada attended. JFO was founded in 1979 for collectors of beer advertising openers and corkscrews. There are currently 250 plus members including those who collect corkscrews in general as well as a variety of other related items. Several diehard corkscrew collectors could be found poking around in rooms full of stuff to find treasures to take home.

The 2007 meeting will be held in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Information on JFO and membership application can be found at

Editor's Note: Here are a couple of my finds at the JFO meeting. I was able to make a trade for the large Walker corkscrew and a fellow Virginian sold me the John Power Whiskey sign (corkscrew in top of bottle).

License Plate Dreams

Washington - After seeing the corkscrew related license plates in the April 23 issue, Frank Marshall took a look at possibilities and reports "This plate isn't real. But I thought you might use it. I might go to the DMV one day and buy it, if I didn't spend most of my time looking for corkscrews."

My Favorite Screw

Kaiserstuhl, Germany - I open the bottles with the Vacu Vin Winemaster ... Bernhard, Korkenzieher Museum Kaiserstuhl

Corkscrew Mystery

Wirtz, Virginia - Does anyone have any information on this these corkscrews or any similar examples? Age? Manufacturer? Catalog pages? Other details?

They are all made with rings of different materials / colors secured on a metal bar. The handles are 3 7/8" wide. The length is 5 3/4". One example has a guard.

Note: There were no responses to last week's Corkscrew Mystery.

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