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Wednesday, June 18, 2003

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Buddy Knife

Chicago, Illinois, June 18, 1929 - Carl Horix has obtained United States Patent Number 1,717,925. Horix has placed several implements in a single tool and he says it is "effectively encased when not in use so that the tool may be carried in a pocket without danger of tearing the lining of the pocket."

A standard razor blade is sandwiched between the two side plates (handle) and is pivoted to cut cigars tips in the center hole. When the blade is fully opened there is small projection on the plate which is intended as a fingernail cleaner. At the opposite end is a bottle cap remover. The plates are formed to accommodate a pivoting corkscrew.

Although his patent calls for a notch to be formed directly below the cap lifter, in production models this is in the handle above and to the right of the center hole. This notch is used to cut strings and cords.

Horix applied for his patent in 1926 and the tool is produced by the Greist Manufacturing Company* of New Haven, Connecticut under the trade name "Buddy-Nife". Greist is a manufacturer of straight razors.

The tool is also available for advertising purposes. Pittsburgh's McKenna Brass & Mfg. uses it to promote their Shields Bottling Machinery.

*Editor's Note: Griest was located at 446 Blake Street, New Haven. In addition to straight razors, products included sewing machine attachments , adjustable hemmers, edge stitchers, binders, and screw drivers.

Up Up and Away

Bristol, England -Alf Erickson has announced:

Tuesday, June 17 -Construction of Corkscrew Balloon IV is complete! Brilliant balloon artist Sian Jones was on hand to witness the test inflation near Bristol, England, and she has submitted photo documentation of the event. Also featured is Jan the lovely balloon model.

For more pictures of this extraordinary balloon see:

Gone Fishin'

Wirtz, Virginia - June is National Fishing Month. Here are a couple of olive wood fish from Spain.

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