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Monday, June 9, 2003

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Buenos Aires, Argentina - In the past two years many corkscrews from Argentina have appeared on the ebay website. One frequently sees familiar German and Italian designs which are marked "Industria Argentina" or similar. It is suspected that most of these were made after World War II and, perhaps, by individuals who left Germany and Italy during the war. One also can find a number of Argentinian cork pliers, prong pullers, and can openers.

In addition to the normal "real" corkscrews, there are a number of corkscrews that one might consider "fantasies." These may have been made specifically for the new corkscrew market and the bidding wars that are waged on ebay. A close examination of some reveals worms that are apparently of modern day vintage while others may have been taken from corkscrews of little value. We present a gallery of recent examples and we leave it up to the reader to be the judge.

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