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Wednesday, September 17, 2003

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Usbeck Corkscrew Design

Steinbach-Hallenberg, Germany, September 9, 1902 - Georg Usbeck has taken a standard open frame type corkscrew and added an unusual locking mechanism. A crossbar is fixed to the shaft. It has two hooks which lock the frame to draw the cork once the worm is inserted into it.

Pictured at left is a close-up of the mechanism of an example of the Usbeck patent marketed under the name "Bonsa." On the right is the bottom of the crossbar with the rather inconspicuous marking: D.R.G.M. 184844.

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Still More Peters for Peter

Wirtz, Virginia - Yesterday's "My First Screw" story by Peter Borrett brought an email box full of pictures from excited readers worldwide.

Bill Evans, Wyoming

Jose Cruz, Chile

Dom Fabrini, Italy

Yuri Vasilev, Moscow

Jean Pierre, France

Tim Holtz, California

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