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Thursday, October 2, 2003

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In the June 3 edition of The Daily Screw Danish collector Jens Arnbjerg presented a detailed study of the bone corkscrews (those new ones being offered as old). Jens now reports that he may be one step closer to finding the source:

To the Editor:

Regarding those bone corkscrews: I spent the past weekend in London and found a mechanical version like the flynut system. However, it is not very easy to remove the cork with that small screw you have to "lift" the cork away, and the handle is not very harmonic.

The guy that I bought it from claimed he knows the family who made all these carving corkscrews. He said they live in China and they were all made of whale bones. I asked him about to get some more information and eventually a picture of the manufactory and so on, but he was not very willing to give too much information.

I have sent him some of the correspondence of our investigation and hope we will get more information about the whole thing. The next day I was on Portobello Road and found a cane made by the same. It was not very nice as several of the bone pieces, which was covering a metal pipeline inside. The bone pieces were fissured and therefore I could get it cheap he said, and he claimed too, that it was made in China.

So perhaps we are one step closer to the source.

Jens Arnbjerg

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To the Membership committee of the 2H2TVSCC: My name alone, Alf Leif Erickson, should qualify me for Admiral status...but, being a fair man, I shall play by the rules. Here is my two tongued Viking ship.

Update on PCC Members

PCC #1 Alf Erickson reports that he is now back in Florida. Alf, Watcharee and the Patpongettes are getting ready for their drive to Virginia. Alf says:

" Now that we are back in Florida we've started their days with good wholesome breakfasts of Cheerios™, skim milk and dry toast. None of those 7AM meals of whole fish, curry rice and green peppers. I just hope that once the Interstate Highway (mostly I-95) crosses the Florida/Georgia border the 'girls' will be able to have their first taste of a real Southern breakfast: grits, corn muffins and Jimmy Dean sausages."

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