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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Number 513

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American Corkscrew Company Follow-up

The above notice appeared in the Times Dispatch, Richmond, VA, on July 31, 1910. Mahaley was slated to become the president of the American Corkscrew Company which would be formed in the following year. Did he buy the property with plans to build a corkscrew factory? Was it ever built? The following are photos of the Everett St. block between 3rd and 4th Streets.

This photo is taken from the four hundred block of Everett Street looking North toward the corner of 3rd and Everett. The red brick building on the left would be on the Southeast corner of Everett and 3rd. On the Southwest corner is a trucking concern lot.

This photo is taken from the two hundred block of Everett Street looking South toward the corner of 3rd and Everett. The white warehouse building on the right would be on the Northeast corner of Everett and 3rd. On the Northwest corner is a trucking concern lot.

This is an aerial view of Everett St. between 3rd and second street. The X marks the spot of the red brick building at the Southeast corner of 3rd and Everett. It appears that the building was torn down since the street level photos were taken. Was the building the home of the American Corkscrew Company? Was it filled with corkscrew making machinery and corkscrews before it was torn down? Was the small building to the left of the X part of the operation? Is it filled with corkscrews? Shall we all go to Richmond and find out?

Trusting Mahaley

After learning about American Corkscrew Company President Mahaley's purchase of property, we attempted to find out more about him. Here is what we found in the Richmond Times Dispatch:

April 27, 1910

News from South Richmond ... Will be Tried Tomorrow ... The suit of J. R. Wakefield vs. Hooker & Mahaley is set for trial tomorrow (Oscar Hooker was Mahaley's partner in the property purchase).

October 7, 1910

An automobile owned by R. L. Mahaley was injured Wednesday afternoon when it was hit by Hull Street car No. 23 23. at the corner of Seventh and Bainbridge Streets. Five passengers were in the car. and Mr. Mahaley was at the wheel. The automobile was knocked a few feet and damaged, but no one was hurt.

October 18, 1910

News from South Richmond ... Civil Cases ... J. S. Wakefield vs. O. Hooker and R. L. Mahaley suing for $1,000 for breach of contract, set for October 21.

We were not able to find any details regarding the breach of contract suit.

And who was Oscar Hooker? This is from the June 15, 1907 edition of the Richmond Times Dispatch:

Distillery Men to Have Hearing Before Mr. Brady Today ... The case of the government vs. J. W. Casper and Oscar Hooker, who are charged with removing unstamped liquor from the Fair Oaks distillery, will be heard by the commissioner at 11 o'clock this morning.

Hooker is still in the hospital, and may not be able to appear, in which event, his case will be continued.

We still wonder why the American Corkscrew Company charter was revoked in 1919. Could it be the folks involved could not be trusted?

No Corkscrew Needed

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