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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

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Gnome Carving

We received this from Scott Jeffrey:

Inspired by a picture I saw while cruising through (I think) your website, I carved this gnome uncorking a bottle. He's not weather-proofed, so he doesn't go outside on the front porch, but rather sits on the shelf with the million other Santas I've carved (I typically do Santas). He's about 14" tall, and carved from a single piece of basswood. The corkscrew is from my collection: I sacrificed a mini for him to use. It was one of those folding minis; Listerine, I think. Just thought you wouldn't mind some benign email from an occasional collector.

From the Heritage Arts Studio in North Plains, Oregon we learned:

Scott Jeffery doesn't fool around with a carving: when he makes chips, he really makes some chips. Some people would call his chips kindling. Scott designed this "Gnome opening a bottle of wine" in class. We band sawed the blank, and away he went. His lovely wife Cindy was gracious enough to provide the wonderful paint job. The cork-screw is real, and came from Scott's private collection. Way to go, Scott!

Screwless Tuskers

Ishai Nir reports:

I'm driving my 13 year old son to school today, and we're listening to one of "his" radio stations.

After another sequence of sounds claiming to be a song, the DJ asks a trivia question: "In what sport does the Thai team called 'The Screwless Tuskers' compete?" \You can't make stories like this up! As an avid reader of The Daily/Occasional Screw, I was, of course, familiar with Alf Erickson and his team's exploits. So without missing a beat (and ever so casually) I mutter "why, elephant polo, of course".

The look of disbelief on my son's face was replaced by even greater bewilderment when after several wrong guesses from callers the DJ proceeds to announce the answer. Thus one son's belief in the wisdom of his father was preserved for yet another day.

I wish I had a story about how reading The D/O Screw made me rich and famous. However, as any parent of a teenager will attest, earning a little respect is pretty darn good, too!

Editor: To learn more about the Screwless Tuskers see

The Weekly Screw?

Ishai Nir writes:

While you focus on your books, perhaps some of your readers would be interested in guest editing an issue of the Occasional Screw. I know I'd be glad to cover one or two. If you have enough takers, perhaps we can keep it going on a weekly basis during your hiatus.

If you are interested, I'm at your service.


Ishai, Thank you for your suggestion and for your "Screwless Tuskers" story. I welcome all corkscrew stories from readers.

Readers - got a story?

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