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Thursday, June 19, 2003

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Fly Me to Moon

Karaganda, Kazakhstan - No, she didn't fly to moon, but forty years ago Valentina Tereshkova became the first woman in space. On June 16, 1963, she was launched into space aboard Vostok 6. During the next three days, she made 48 orbits of the earth. After re-entering the earth's atmosphere on June 19, Tereshkova parachuted from the capsule and landed about 380 miles northeast of Karaganda.

Valentina started her cosmonaut training in March of 1962 at the Soviet Space Center in Star City. She trained with three other females and in May of 1963 she and Tatyana Torchillova were selected as trainees for the Vostok 6 flight. Valentina's talents prevailed and she began her journey.

Still Standing Tall

New York, New York - In the March 27 issue we featured a story on The Statue of Liberty. We are reprinting the corkscrew - opener picture in commemoration of the day she arrived in New York Harbor - June 19, 1885. France gifted the enormous statue to the people of the United States and it has come to symbolize freedom and democracy to the nation and the world. It was sculpted by Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi. It stands more then 300 feet high.

Liberty arrived in 214 crates containing 350 pieces. It took four months to assemble her.

Corkscrew Ticker Wake Up Call

Wirtz, Virginia - More and more of the corkscrews featured in the Gallery of New Corkscrews Offered as "Old" are turning up on Internet auctions. Some are realizing rather high prices. We first alerted readers to these in our February 28 issue. Then in the April 16 a source was revealed in a letter to the editor from Bob Sieminski:

Castle Antiques and Reproductions of Hawley, Pennsylvania currently offers several of the "bone" carved corkscrews shown in recent issues of The Daily Screw. The Chef and Top Hat man are $50.00 each. Two Barrel Type corkscrews - one picturing a group of men and the other a horse and buggy are $75.00 each. They do state that their items are "manufactured originals or reproductions and are sold as such" and that "They are not old or antiques."

Now two of these $75.00 pieces have just been sold on ebay. The first closed on June 8 and was offered by a New York seller. Ten bidders competed for it and the final price was $521.00. The corkscrew is pictured above left and the description was:

Hand Carved Bone Scrimshaw Corkscrew: Nice 20th C. Bone Scrimshaw Corkscrew. Beautiful hand decorated scene on both sides. Each side unscrews one side is a bottle opener the other is a small brush. The photos show just what a great decorative item this would make on anyone's bar or just as a conversation piece. Condition is mint. size: 7 1/2"h x 5 1/2"w.

Please note that the seller describes it has 20th Century and makes no claim to it being "old" or "antique". Ten days later the example pictured above right sold for $316.00 with eight bidders vying for it. The seller this time is listed as being from New Jersey and the strikingly similar description was:

Hand Carved Bone Scrimshaw Corkscrew: This is such a unique item! Grand 20th century bone scrimshaw corkscrew. Detailed handcrafted scene (please see pics). Each side of the handled unscrews, one side reveals a bottle opener, the other a brush. My pictures capture the find craftmanship of this unique item!

These are interesting corkscrews and, at a reasonable price, would be welcome additions to a collection. We would hate to see these types of corkscrews turn up in the market with inappropriate descriptions and claims.

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