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Thursday, March 27, 2003

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French Army Knife

No Great Loss - A Letter to the Editor

Reno, Nevada - I find it interesting...the defection because of an editorial or a remark. The French, the Academy Awards Speech (which I personally found out of place and offensive). How many of those cancelled their newspaper subscriptions because of an editorial in it or no longer listen to a news cast for the same reason. Small minds, out of line reactions and little tolerance. They lose...Larry Gralla

Wirtz, Virginia - Larry, thank you for your insight. We will continue to report "corkscrew" news on a daily basis. We hope those who drop out of our circulation will regain their sense of humor (or humour as the case may be) and come back....The Editor

Statue of Liberty Burned

From Fox News: Bordeaux, France — Vandals in southwest Bordeaux torched a replica of the Statue of Liberty and cracked the pedestal of a plaque honoring victims of the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks.

The crowned head of the 8-foot-tall statue was blackened by fire and its eyes were marked with red paint, apparently to symbolize tears of blood, an official at the mayor's office said. The statue and the Sept. 11 plaque are beside each other in a square near the city center.

The mayor of the southwestern city, Alain Juppe, condemned Wednesday's pre-dawn attack, saying the statue's message is especially pertinent in wartime. "At a time when the world is living a major conflict, it is more important than ever to remain watchful of the values of peace and liberty," said Juppe, a former prime minister.

The Lady Liberty standing in New York Harbor was a gift from France to the United States commemorating freedom and friendship between the nations. It was made by Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi and dedicated in 1886.

Note: Statue of Liberty drawing by Ronald Searle from his ©1987 book Something in the Cellar.

Women's History Month

Wirtz, Virginia - We continue our celebration of women.

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