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Sunday, August 24, 2003

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On October 12, 1997, The Australian National Gallery of Victoria closed an exhibition of works by American artist, Andres Serrano, Two youths had attacked Serrano's 1987 Piss Christ photograph with a hammer. The work shows a plastic crucifix immersed a glass of the artist's urine.

This was the second attack on the photograph and the museum staff was concerned about the safety of visitors. Prior to that, the Catholic Church tried to prevent the opening of the exhibit on the grounds of blasphemy. The Supreme Court allowed the exhibit to opener.

The two drawings below are the works of Heath Pagram of Australia. Pagram says "These two were done while studying Visual Art and were roughs for an oil painting project. At the time the controversial photograph Piss Christ was being exhibited in Melbourne."

Seranno's Piss Christ photograph

From The Daily Screw archives

August is Golf Month

The Furniture Golf Tournament, June 8th, 1927 submitted by Ron MacLean.

My Fifty-First Screw

I got My First Screw in 1982. In 1987 I got My Fifty-First Screw in Florida. One side of the club has my name, the other has the year 1987.

Jean Grignon, Canada

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