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Saturday, May 3, 2003

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Louisvlle, Kentucky - The 129th running of the Kentucky Derby will take place today at Churchill downs. Security will be of great concern and Security has announced: "The security procedures for the May 3 Kentucky Derby will again include magnetic wand searches of all persons entering the track's grandstand, clubhouse and infield; limits on the types of items that may be carried into the track by patrons; and continued high visibility of uniformed security personnel throughout the track."

No one was could tell us whether or not corkscrews would be allowed. We did learn that the list of banned items includes: Weapons of any kind (includes all knives and scissors), bottles and cans of any kind, thermoses, coolers, grills, backpacks, luggage, wagons, and umbrellas

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The Triple Crown

Louisville, Kentucky - The May 3 Kentucky Derby kicks off the season for Triple Crown hopefuls. The Derby is followed by the Preakness and Belmont races. Horses winning all three go down in the books as "Triple Crown" winners. There have been eleven Triple Crown winners. None of them were named Corkscrew. No horse named Corkscrew has run in any of the three races.


Louisville, Kentucky - The item pictured in this article isd escribed as "Eggbutt Dee 1/2 inch Tapered Stainless Steel Corkscrew, 3 inch cheecks, 5 inch mouth." This corkscrew commonly referred to as a "snaffle" is designed to discipline or school a horse.

There are six common types of corkscrew snaffle bits: Dee ring snaffle, Egg butt snaffle, Loose ring snaffle, Full cheek snaffle, Driving snaffle, and Full cheek snaffle with twisted wire mouthpiece. Do corkscrew collectors also collect these?

"Doing the Corkscrew"

Answer to Yesterday's "What is this?"

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