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Thursday, July 10, 2003

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Peculiar Construction

Detroit, Michigan, July 10, 1894 - About three years ago, David W. Davis obtained a patent for a "Waiter's Friend" type corkscrew. Davis has been manufacturing the corkscrew at his firm, Davis Corkscrew Company. One of the employees has now come up with an improvement on Davis' design. Charles Puddefoot, also a resident of Detroit, has added a backspring in the handle in order to keep the worm and the neckstand in place when opened and readied for use. In addition he has constructed the neckstand ("fulcrum arm") with a means for removing wires used to retain corks. Puddefoot refers to his corkscrew as having "peculiar construction."

The new Puddefoot design is marketed under the name "The Detroit" and the Patent date is marked on the neckstand.

The corkscrew is also being produced with handles in the shape of legs and mermaids as well as silver examples. Prior to the issue of Puddefoot's patent number 522,672 issued today, Davis produced some corkscrews with the Puddefoot design showing his 1891 patent date and marked IMPROVED and OTHER PATS. PNDG. Two examples in the photo below are the mermaid and the silver handle corkscrew at right center which have a slightly more stout neckstand. These two also have advertising: "Compliments of Charles Staebler, 257 Beaubien St., Detroit, Mich." Staebler operates a saloon at that address.

More Bull

Pamplona, Spain - The bulls are still running the streets leaving a trail behind them:

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