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Saturday, April 19, 2003

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Gomber's Pliers

Conyngham, Pennsylvania, April 19, 1921 - George W. Gomber has come up with an interesting idea for a cork remover. Suppose you open a bottle of wine one evening and recork it when half empty and you don't send the cork all the way home. When you are ready to open it again, George's pliers type tool has a gripping surface on the jaws for grasping the partially exposed cork and pulling it out. You can also use it to ease a cork out from a bottle of Champagne.

On one of the the jaws he has attached a corkscrew which as he describes "is formed something like a wood screw but is more tapering, is of greater pitch, and is more deeply milled than the ordinary wood screw." He contends the deep milling ensures a stronger pulling hold on the cork.

Gomber has been issued United States Patent Number 1,375,382 and the patent has been assigned to the A. W. Drake Manufacturing Company of Hazleton, Pennsylvania.

Auction Notice

Wirtz, Virginia - Skip Garrison has asked us to auction his corkscrew collection on ebay. We will be posting the listings on ebay this weekend. There are 110 corkscrew in the collection including:

Patents by Jorres, Dodge, Clough, Williamson, Curley, Demmler, Havell, Schuchardt, and more
A Syroco Indian
Milne and Williamson Champagne Taps in original boxes
Three very nice Henckels corkscrews
A silver marked Wienke patent
A Walker left-hand peg and worm
A Buchanan's Red Seal roundlet
...and many more

You can preview all of the auction items by clicking the HERE.

When the lots have been loaded on ebay, you can access the complete list by clicking HERE. Bookmark that page so you can keep track of items to be sold and prices realized.

Don Bull, Editor

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